Domestic Groove: BOBBY KOOL

DOMESTIC GROOVE ~ Celeb’s Chosen Seven is my biweekly column in The Beat (Jakarta) mag. Basically it’s an interview via e-mail which focuses on small, intimate, domestic stuff; what Indonesia’s public figures are really into, musically speaking.
For the ninth edition I went upclose-and-personal with Bobby Kool.

Singer, Songwriter

What music are you into at the moment?
I've been listening to a lot of Living End’s albums, but lately also Bad Religion and Billy Talent.
What was the first record you bought—any interesting story behind it?
Malevolent Creation, a death metal band from Buffalo, New York. I had this good friend back in high school days who was really into the genre, I guess he influenced me a lot with me ending up buying the album.

What are your all-time favorite albums? Why?
All albums from the Living End will always be my all time favorites. Smart music with great technical skills always gives me goose bumps, every time I listen to it.
What was the worst record you ever purchased?
I couldn't recall the title but for sure it was from Don Dokken. I tried to listen to it, over and over again, but I guess it wasn't for me.

Who do you want to be, other than yourself, next time you reincarnate?
Chris Cheney or Brian Setzer, even though I don't want to reincarnate.
What album do you choose to start your weekend?
On many weekends, I listen to My Chemical Romance’s newest album Danger Days: The True Life of the Fabulous Killjoys, very energetic and comes with various instruments in it.
And song/album you choose to end your weekend?
Something chilled and relaxing, songs from Shaggy Dog or Mokalamati will work

Beside touring all over Indonesia with his band, Superman Is Dead, Bobby also spends most of his time in the studio working for their upcoming album, due to be released mid 2011.
*This interview was originally published on The Beat (Jakarta) mag # 29, December 2010

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